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Easy Wonton Recipe

The Very Best Wonton Recipes

The best recipes for wontons are those which are going to suit the occasion. If you are making lunch you might wish to prepare a wonton soup recipe. If you are making snacks, why not try out some crispy fried wontons? There are wontons for any occasion and just because wontons are delicious does not mean they are difficult to assemble. In fact, once you have got the hang of them, you will find them really quick and easy to make.

Some of the most famous wonton recipes include cream cheese wontons, pork wontons, chicken wontons and vegetable wontons, and we also offer recipes for dessert wontons with fruit or chocolate, as well as more unusual wonton fillings with duck and fruit, spicy seafood or other unusual combinations.

Everyone has their own idea which wonton recipes are the best, so why not experiment a little, making different types of wontons, so you can work out which you love the most?

Making Your Own Wonton Wrappers

Although it is easy to find and purchase readymade wonton wrappers, it is also possible to make these yourself. First you need to mix flour and water to make a dough. It is up to you whether or not you want to add eggs too.

Next you use a rolling pin to roll it out flat, and then you cut triangles or squares. Chilling the dough before adding the filling makes it easier to handle, and you can freeze wonton dough and thaw it out as needed.

Beginners to wonton recipes will probably prefer to buy a package of wonton wrappers and make the filling rather than make the wontons from start to finish, because they can be time-consuming if you are new to making them. If you don't use them immediately they might shrink a bit, but the dough is pliable and it is easy enough to stretch them back out if need be.

Tips for Making Wonton Skins

Wonton wrappers, or wonton skins, should be coated in cornflour before you stack them, else they will stick together in one big clump. Keep the dough covered as much as possible, while you are working on it, and do not let it dry out. Use a damp towel to cover any wrappers you are not currently working on.

One very easy way to make your wonton skins is to use a pasta maker. Instead of using a rolling pin, you can feed the dough through a pasta maker and it will come out in sheet of uniform thinness.

How to Fill Wontons Like a Pro

Obviously you want your wontons to stay sealed and not leak out the filling while they are cooking. This means you not only have to be careful not to overfill them but you must also ensure all the air is squeezed out before sealing the wonton wrapper.

Air expands when it gets hot, so if you have a trapped air bubble inside a wonton, the wonton might explode, or at least leak, while cooking. A wonton wrapper holds about a teaspoon of filling, then you should seal one side of the wonton wrapper, pinch it closed and squeeze the air out before sealing the other side. This takes practice but it's important to remember.

Wonton Wrapper Ideas

So you have made some wonton wrappers or bought a package of them. Now what are you going to do? If you really aren't sure what kind of wontons to make, then why don't you start off with your favorite hot sandwich filling or dinner idea. Let's say you love barbecue chicken. You can combine some chicken with barbecue sauce and perhaps a little grated cheese and use this mixture to fill your wonton skins before frying them.

What about plantains or bananas as your filling with a little brown sugar or Nutella? You can make some healthy wontons with vegetables and lean meat, then a few dessert ones for afterwards. Why not treat yourself?

If you love cream cheese, then what about spicing that up with chilies and cilantro, and filling your wontons with that? You can even make mini lasagnas by spooning tomato concentrate, grated cheese and ground beef into wonton wrappers and pinching the tops closed so they look like half-open moneybags. Bake them until the cheese on top is golden brown, sprinkle some finely chopped fresh parsley on top and serve.

Wonton wrappers can also be used to make wonton chips (or wonton crisps). For these, you need to coat the wonton wrappers in either olive oil or cooking spray, then bake them for ten minutes or until they are crispy.

You can dip the wonton wrappers into sesame seeds before you bake them if you want sesame chips. These make a wonderful snack and the cooking time is short so you can be greasing up the second batch of wonton wrappers while the first batch is baking.

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Wonton Soup

Wonderful Wonton Soup

Wonton soup is a classic Chinese dish and most people have tried it at one time or another, perhaps from a takeout or in a Chinese restaurant, not realizing how easy wonton soup is to make at home. The soup itself is usually something very mild, perhaps a chicken consommé, and the wontons are filled with delicious ingredients and then they are cooked in the soup, adding texture, flavor and interest to the soup, which is then garnished with ingredients such as green onion and cilantro.

Best Wonton Soup Recipes

Wonton soup recipes are always popular and well-loved because they are light and refreshing, yet hearty and satisfying. Although the wontons in a wonton soup recipe are usually filled with minced pork and shrimp, there are lots of different ways to make wonton soup. The best wonton soup recipes are those which appeal the most to you. You might like to start off with a classic wonton soup recipe, for example, made exactly the way this lovely dish is made in China, or you might like to try chicken wonton soup or even make some tasty hoisin celery wontons for your soup. Wonton soup makes a beautiful lunch or dinner, and you can serve it in small bows as an appetizer, or in larger ones as the main event.

Pork and Shrimp Wonton Soup Featured Wonton Recipe
Hoisin Celery Wontons in Wonton Soup
Wonton Soup Recipes
Chicken Wonton Soup with Cabbage
Cilantro Shrimp Wonton Soup

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Meat Wontons

Mouthwatering Meat Wontons

When asked which is their favorite type of wonton filling, many people would say meat, because it adds a nice texture and a hearty flavor to wontons, whether they are steamed, fried or boiled. Ground pork is perhaps the most popular type of meat to use in wonton recipes, although ground beef, chicken and even duck can be used for a different result. You can usually add the filling raw and then cooking the wonton will cook the filling too, since the wontons are so small and the filling cooks quickly, but always follow the recipe for the best results.

Make Meat Wonton Recipes

Meat is usually finely chopped or ground before you use it to fill wonton wrappers, and ingredients such as ginger, soy sauce, garlic, Chinese cabbage or hoisin sauce can also be added, to introduce both moisture and extra flavor. Any dry ingredients are usually minced or finely chopped so they can be well-blended with the meat. Meat wonton recipes can be added to a wonton soup recipe, deep-fried, baked or poached in soup. Perhaps you have tried traditional ground pork and shrimp wontons, so why not try a baked beef wonton recipe or even an exotic duck wonton recipe? You can usually switch one kind of ground meat for another too, so try swapping your ground pork for ground chicken or turkey, to make a change and give your wontons a lighter flavor.

Bamboo Shoot and Pork Wonton
Beef Wontons with Cabbage and Ginger
Ground Beef Wontons with Green Onion
Baked Beef Wontons with Bell Pepper
Pork Potstickers Wonton Recipe

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Seafood Wontons

Sensational Seafood Wontons

Shrimp features often in ground pork wontons but you can also make seafood wonton recipes without adding any meat. Shrimp works well in wonton recipes, as does crab. You can buy canned shrimp or crabmeat and mix those with cream cheese or some other ingredients to make a flavorful filling for your wontons. Crab rangoon wontons are always well-loved and these feature cream cheese. Crab rangoon wontons are not authentic, since cream cheese is not used in Chinese or Southeast Asian cuisine, but they are tasty nonetheless and very easy to make. These are popular in the US anyway, and you can rustle some up very quickly and easily.

Different Kinds of Wontons with Seafood

If you have more time on your hands you can make seafood wontons from scratch, cleaning and preparing your own fish or seafood, but using canned seafood is easy, economical and timesaving, so many home cooks prefer to make their seafood wonton recipes with canned crab, shrimp or another kind of seafood. You could even try canned tuna mixed with tomato paste and green onions, or what about combining crab, salmon and shrimp for a mixed seafood wonton filling? Serve seafood wontons with a creamy sauce, perhaps something with garlic or onion, or maybe you would prefer a sweet chili dipping sauce. Alternatively you can add them to wonton soup.

Fried Shrimp Wontons with Water Chestnuts
Crab Rangoon Wontons
Cream Cheese Wontons with Crab

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Cheese Wontons

Why Cheese Wontons are So Great

Cheese wontons are not traditionally Chinese, since dairy products are not really used in Chinese cuisine. But the creaminess of cheese goes so well with the crunchiness of fried wonton wrappers, it really would be a pity not to give cheese wontons and cream cheese wontons not only a mention, but their own category. Sealing cheese inside a wonton wrapper before you fry it means the wonton wrapper will turn golden brown and crunchy and the cheese inside will be molten, and we all know how yummy melted cheese is. Cream cheese is already very soft of course but this is easy to use for a wonton filling since it is already soft and you can combine it with your other ingredients without having to chop, shred or grate it.

What to Add to the Cheese

Although ingredients like crabmeat or even ground beef are nice combined with the cheese, it is also possible to make cheese and fruit wontons, perhaps by adding some sharp Cheddar cheese to some grated apple, or what about some pureed pear and Brie cheese? Anything is possible. Cream cheese goes nicely with fruit too, or you can sweeten it (like a cheesecake filling) and add chocolate, caramel or another favored sweet ingredient to make dessert wontons. Cheese might not be an authentic wonton filling but anyone who has ever tried cheese wontons will agree they are mouthwatering, not to mention very simple to prepare.

Cheese Wontons with Homemade Hot Sauce
Cream Cheese Wonton Recipes

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Vegetarian Wontons

Wontons Without Meat

Vegetarian wonton recipes can be just as tasty as meaty ones and you have plenty of choice when it comes to wonton fillings. Vegetables like mushrooms or green onion are often used to add flavor to meat or seafood wontons, and they are also very good in vegetable wontons. You might like to try making steamed tofu wontons or even baked wonton chips. None of these need to have meat inside. A vegetable filling can be spiced up with hoisin sauce, soy sauce or simply a little garlic, depending on the end result you want. Vegetarian wontons do not have to contain meat either. Perhaps you want to use cream cheese with green onion or how about making a dessert wonton with banana or pineapple inside?

Vegetable Wonton Recipes

Whether you have fried, steamed, boiled or baked wontons in mind, there are some great vegetarian wonton recipes that you can choose from. If you are adding your wontons to soup to make a vegetarian wonton soup recipe, you might like to use vegetable broth or miso soup if you don't eat meat. Maybe you want to deep-fry your wontons, in which case you can serve a vegetarian dipping sauce to dip the hot, crunchy treats into. There is no shortage of tasty vegetarian ingredients you can use to make the best-tasting wonton recipes.

Steamed Vegetable Wontons with Broccoli
Steamed Vegetable Wontons
Steamed Wontons with Tofu
Baked Wonton Chips with Sesame Seeds

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Dessert Wontons

Delicious Dessert Wontons

Wontons are not only for appetizers, snacks and soups, you know, they are also wonderful for dessert. Wonton wrappers are made with flour and water (and sometimes egg) so they suit a wide range of sweet fillings as well as savory ones. What about using fruit to make apple and cinnamon wontons or banana and finely-chopped walnut wontons with a chocolate dipping sauce? You can bake, steam or fry dessert wontons and serve them with ice cream, whipped cream, or your favorite syrup or sauce. Kids love dessert wontons and you will love how easy they are to prepare. They don't take long to cook either.

Sweet Wonton Recipes

Dessert wontons don't have to feature fruit, although fruit does make a great filling. You could use jam or preserves instead, some kind of pie filling or even chocolate. The chocolate will melt when the wonton cooks and you will have a wonderful gooey warm treat. Another idea is to coat wonton wrappers in a little oil and sugar and then bake them until they turn into crunchy chips. Perhaps you have never tried a dessert wonton recipe before, in which case you will be delighted to find out how to make this delicacy and even happier when you find out how amazing they taste, with the lovely crunchy exterior and mouthwatering, flavorful filling.

Banana Wontons with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

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Wonton Articles

Handy Wonton Articles

There is more to wontons than simply learning how to make a wonton filling. It is also useful to learn how to wrap wontons, as well as the answers to questions like how do you freeze wontons or how do you wrap wontons? Although making these wonderful little treats is a simple process, it pays to familiarize yourself with some of the techniques so you can make sure your wontons are the very best. Knowing how to use a bamboo steamer is also a good idea, since steamed wontons are healthy as well as delicious and they make a change from fried wontons.

Wonton Articles for Fun and Information

It might also interest you to learn about wontons themselves and learn some fun wonton facts, as well as additional trivia about the history of wontons, what fillings are preferred in different regions, and more. Kids and grownups alike are captivated by these cute little treats and many people associate wontons with fun visits to a restaurant in Chinatown or the Chinese takeout. Now you can learn how to make wontons yourself. Wonton wrappers are available in many places and anyone can make an easy wonton recipe, even if you are quite new to cooking. They are so simple to make!

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